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Madora API

Don't want to run your own Node? Dive in to development with the Madora API.

Direct RPC Access

Madora.io serves as an authenticated proxy to provide direct RPC access to our representative node. This allows an authorized application to access the Nano network safely from anywhere, without requiring the business to host their own node. The following RPCs are supported:

"account_balance", "account_info", "account_history", "account_key", "account_representative", "account_weight", "accounts_balances", "accounts_frontiers", "accounts_pending", "active_difficulty", "available_supply", "block_info", "block_account", "block_create", "block_confirm", "block_count", "block_count_type", "blocks_info", "chain", "confirmation_active", "confirmation_history", "confirmation_info", "confirmation_quorum", "frontier_count", "key_create", "process", "peers", "pending", "pending_exists", "representatives", "representatives_online", "successors", "telemetry", "validate_account_number", "version", "work_validate", "work_generate", "krai_from_raw", "krai_to_raw", "mrai_from_raw", "mrai_to_raw", "rai_from_raw","rai_to_raw"


The Madora.io node can be accessed at the following URL: https://madora.io/api/rpc Requests can be made as described in the nano.org documentation: https://docs.nano.org/commands/rpc-protocol/
Note: A Basic Authentication header is required with all RPC requests. See the Authentication section.


Note: Transactions are paid using a custodial balance on a user account. This balance can be deposited or withdrawn at any time. If there is not enough of a balance to process a request, the request will fail with a 402: Payment Required response.

The RPC API is charged on a per-transaction basis. This charge happens during the process action. The charge is always 1% of the total value of the transaction, calculated from the difference between the balance of the new block, and the balance of the previous block.
There is an additional charge for work generation. Work generation is always $0.05 in Nano. This is charged for every work_generate action. If the work field is not set in the block_create call, work will be automatically computed by the node, which will also incur the same charge.

WebSocket Access

WebSocket access is provided at no cost. The websocket may be accessed at: wss://madora.io/api/websocket A Basic Authentication header is required with all websocket requests. See the Authentication section for more information.
Note: HTTP requests are automatically upgraded to HTTPS requests. This upgrade can break the websocket connection, make sure that you use a secure connection with wss:// instead of ws:// to prevent this issue.


Madora.io uses HTTP Basic Authentication to verify all requests (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_access_authentication). API Access Keys may be generated on the account page. To make a request using a given key, the key should combined with secret in the form: key:secret, and then Base64 encoded. The encoded value can then added to the "Authorization" header as follows:

Authorization: Basic [encoded_value]