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Accept crypto in your game with Madora

Madora helps game developers use Nano to accept payments in their games. Nano is a feeless, borderless, decentralized digital currency with near-instant transactions.

Integrating and communicating with the Nano network can be difficult and costly. We make the process simple.

Integrate with plugins in popular game engines

Madora has created a plugin for the Godot game engine. Additionally, the Nano community has created plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine. At Madora, we support all of these integrations and more.

Godot Plugin Unity Plugin Unreal Engine Plugin

Nano as the optimal digital payment solution


Decentralization is one of the most important aspects of any cryptocurrency. Nano is fully decentralized. Even better, Nano's consensus mechanism encourages decentralization over time, unlike many other cryptocurrencies.


With Nano there is no mining, allowing feeless, low-latency transactions. Most importantly, it is putting graphics cards back in the hands of gamers.

User Friendly

No user wants to wait more than a few minutes to buy a product. With Nano, anyone can download a wallet and begin using digital cash in minutes.

Mobile and Web wallet solutions: Natrium and Nault

Find out more

Learn more about Nano at nano.org and nano.community.